Thursday, July 21, 2005

First Defense Blame the victim Redux

The following story appeared in the Dutch (regional) press about Aruba.

The Netherlands Daily, Nederlands Dagblad, placed it in their front page.

American Teenagers party on Aruba(From our correspondent Nina Jurna)

The missing teenager Natalee Holloway is portrayed in the media as a very correct, innocent, conservative eighteen year old girl that went on a school trip. Not a girl who goes to Aruba to party hard. But is that realistic? Because Aruba is the ‘Loret de Mar’ (The european Aruba) for American youngsters.
‘’You only hear on the Island that she stumbled out of the nightclub completely pissed'’. Oranjestad - Arubans know: thousands of American youngsters come to the Island every month for sex, drugs and alcohol. On Aruba you may, in contrary to the US, drink when your 16 and for a joint you won’t end up in jail. ‘’Here they do everything that cannot and may not do at home'’, tells Gijs van ‘t Hullennaar. He is a manager of come bars and nightclubs, like Moomba Beach, a populair beach hangout adjacent to the Holliday Inn, where Natalee Holloway stayed. According to Van ‘t Hullenaar are the ‘excesses’ committed by Dutch Teenagers in the spanish costal cities like Loret de European European Mar and the isle popular Holiday are not popularing compared what the Americans do on Aruba.

Van ‘t Hullenaar Spanish coastal has met during his career in the bar business many different tourists from many different places. But the Americans are according to him the worst. ‘’The know no boundaries. They drink abnormally much, blow and use more drugs. Even the girls, the are possibly worse than the boys. They flirt with the barkeepers and ask for free drinks. ‘If we don’t have to pay, we rock this place’ they say. I have experienced sometimes that they dance on the bar and stripping'’.
In America youngster may only use alcohol after their 21th birthday, until then they do not enter a bar. On Aruba there are the much easier dutch rules . ‘’The young Americans do not enter a bar to have a few drinks, no they want to get completely wasted. Sometimes they just put a pile of dollar bills on the counter and ask ‘I want to get drunk as fast as possible’.

In the case of the missing teenager Natalee Holloway the police also talked to Van ‘t Hullenaar Spanish coastal European. ‘’This bar is right next to the Holiday Inn, so there was a great chance that she has been here. But I didn’t saw her that night. In the weekend she disappeared the south beach festival was held here and that drew a big crowd. Van ‘t Hullenaar Spanish coastal told career according experienced Fox dollar bills Holiday disappeared south beach Fox news the same story he told the police. ‘’A lot of American parents do not know what their children are doing here on Aruba. They give their son or daughter 300 dollars and I know that is mostly spend on alcohol. He thinks is it’s hypocritical to say that it’s all okay, even if it’s terrible that the girl is missing. ‘’But you only hear on the Island that she stumbled out of the nightclub completely pissed, not in the American press. Of course every parent tells: my daughter doesn’t do that. But that’s just what my parents told others about me’.


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